Madi No Excuses!

Gandhi said, “You must be the Change YOU want to see. Madi says, “You must be the Change YOU want to see – NO EXCUSES!”

Madi Sharma Madi Sharma

Madi No Excuses!

I did it! I finally did it. I fulfilled one of my ambitions, and reached one of my milestones! After spending all the excuses of this world I finished the book - Madi No Excuses! It took me a while as I had to fight all my fears of writing a book since I am not a writer, nor an academic, but  I did it.

But, this is not just a book – This is a long term project and part of the continuation of my life’s ambition to turn seven billion ideas into action, including yours!



There are No Excuses for not achieving your dreams!

Madi x

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