Black Commitment bead

Black Commitment bead

Black Commitment bead

MAKE A DIFFERENCE …How you can help change the world

Pack of 15 Black Strings with bead 10 EUR per pack of 15 includes Postage and Packing

€ 10 / per pack

** please note that beads will vary from the pictures shown as each bead is unique and handmade and specific colours or designs cannot be ordered.

My objective is to use the networks I have to change the world for the benefit of those facing challenges. I have identified that I cannot do this alone. So as I give out my business cards I enclose a small  “commitment bead”

It works like this:

First of all you take out the business card and file it will all your other cards – Mine is a brown handmade card, so you will not forget which one is mine!

Second, hold the bead and make a commitment to change your life or someone else’s. Now place the bead in your wallet. Every time you open your wallet to take out your money you will be reminded firstly of me, but secondly that you have made your commitment to change.

Once you have done your commitment, you can take out the bead and throw it away…..or better still, make another commitment. This is how I get people to help me turn 7 billion Ideas to Action.

My friends have asked if they can support or copy my idea – So here they are for you to buy – We do not make any money from these, it is a social enterprise which supports Tibetan Women in exile. The beads are unique as they are handmade from Italian Murano glass and so specific colours or designs cannot be ordered.

The beads come in a small bag into which you insert your personal business card, so everything is prepared for you!   

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