Organ Harvesting in China: Europe Must Act Now

Mar 19 2014
Organ Harvesting in China: Europe Must Act Now

Participation of Ms Madi Sharma as Chair at the Debate on Organ Harvesting in China and the European Initiatives on the issue organised at the EESC

The Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH), the Taiwan Association for International Care of Organ Transplants (TAICOT), the Women's Economic and Social Think Tank (WESTT), the Human Rights Without Frontiers (HRWF) and the International Society for Human Rights (IGFM) invited me in my capacity as the president of the EIDHR Committee to chair the Debate with title “Organ Harvesting in China: Europe must act now”, focusing on one of the most horrendous human rights violations that is currently taking place in China.


I was honoured to chair this event focusing on presenting the evidence that such practice is actually taking place in China, as the European Parliament Resolution last December recognised, and call for the European leadership and Member-States to put pressure on China to stop the harvesting of organs from prisoners of conscience, targeting especially the Falun Gong community.


As I pointed out, this a total violation of the fundamental human rights and we all need to work together to raise this issue and ensure that Europe will take action to address this inhumane practice. Pressure must be put on the Chinese leadership to end this practice and the perpetrators must be brought to justice.


Among the personalities that addressed the Debate was the President of the EESC, Mr. Henri Malosse, who appealed on the humanity of Mr. Xi Jinping to end the gruesome practice of harvesting organs from prisoners of conscience and minorities groups and to respect the fundamental human rights and freedoms in China. The Vice President of the European Parliament Mr. Eduard McMillan-Scott requested that these crimes be brought before the International Criminal Court and the perpetrators be prosecuted with crimes against humanity, while the Member of the European Parliament Mr.Tunne Kelam stressed that it is importance that China cooperates with the UN Rapporteurs on this issue and that the Chinese government must immediate releases all prisoners of conscience, including the Falun Gong practitioners.


Other speakers included Mr. David Matas, (Lawyer and investigator from Canada, named to the Order of Canada in 2008, 2010, 2011 Nobel Peace Prize nominee). Mr. Manyan Ng. (Director of International Society for Human Rights (IGFM, Germany) and President of European Falun Gong Association) and Mr. Willy Fautre (Director of Human Rights without Frontiers (HRWF)). They all stressed the need to bring this in the agenda of the meeting between the EU leadership and Mr. Xi Jinping in his visit in Brussels on March 31.


The speech was well received and all the speakers and participants requested that the event be repeated at another forum so that awareness be brought also on Member-State level.


Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information


Thank you for this great opportunity to introduce the EESC’s commitment in addressing issues of violation of the fundamental human rights.



Madi  x

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EESC, 19/03/2014


Aleksandra Clark

(Reading Mr. McMillan Scott’s statement)

Last December the EP voted a resolution on organ harvesting in China especially targeting the Falun Gong. This is a genocidal scale crime.

Falun Gong are religious practitioners with 70-200 million practitioners. They are re

I met secretly in Bejin a Falun Gong leader who informed me of the crimes, of a friend of his whose body was found in the hospital with body parts missing.

This must be brought to the ICC and be prosecuted as a crime against humanity.

I will continue to fight for the respect of the human rights.



David Matas, Canadian lawyer, Author, Investgator

I was asked in 2006 to investigate whether Falun Gong are being killed for their organs. I have been dealing with refuges and investigate on human rights violations. During the years I have had clients from China so I knew about the Falun Gong.

I was asked to investigate a woman claiming her doctor husband had been harvesting organs from Falun Gong practitioners and then burning the bodies. The Chinese government immediately released a press release on that. The difficulty is finding evidence since there are no witnesses, documents or other proofs.

I already wrote a book on this an I am preparing another one this year. Everything had to be independently verified, no hearsay is acceptable. Whenever I site a Chinese source this source later disappeared. But we have recorded these interviews and they still exist in the Chinese archives.

There is recent evidence that this practice is still continuing until today.

Evidence: One is phone calls. We had people call doctors in China asking for organs from Falun Gong. In about 15% we had people offering to provide with such organs. Later the doctors that we asked when interrogated by the Chinese authorities refuted that they had said what was on record. There are also records of regular blood test specifically aiming at Falun Gong practitioners. There is also evidence about Tibet people. There is also a huge disappearance of Falun Gong population which is unknown where they are, about 100,000. Most of them did not identify themselves as Falun Gong fearing of the prosecution so their whereabouts are not known. Many are in labour camps.

Falun Gong has not been officially banned but there is a power struggle inside the Communist party regarding their future.

The Canadian government and the UN Human Rights Council protested the prosecution of the Falun Gong but the Chinese immediately refuted such claims.

While in the rest of the world you have to wait for months or years for organ transplant, in China it is within days. There must be a system of harvesting organs.

International community has been asking China to provide data of the executed prisoners but it is denying claiming it is a state secret. The UN Rapporteur when visited China also requested execution information. China provides only some data claiming that per year executions are about 10000.

What we know is that executions went really high when the prosecution of the Falun Gong started. There is other explanation. All asked China to explain the discrepancy between the volume of the donors and the volume of the performed transplants. They denied. Later the Chinese government admitted that they are coming from prisoners but said they will stop that, Later said they will carry on with the practice. The issue is the money these institutions are making from these procedures. Its about 30% of their budget.

The EP Resolution is helpful but we need more. Need to stop transplant tourism in China. International community has to do as much as possible to stop this.



Prof Huige Li, DAFOH European Delegate

The Chinese government has been harvesting organs from prisoners for 40years, until 2010.

In 1984 there was even a law allowing for organs to be taken from prisoners. The first admission was in 2005 from the former Minister of Health. In 2007 there was another law allowing the practice, The CMA sent a letter to the WMA claiming that they would stop the practice. They were only lying to the international community.

The Hangzhu Resolution (2013): agreed to have transplant centers (40 out of 169) that will not use organs from executed prisoners. This not a victory because there are still the rest of the centers using such organs while even the ones that signed continued to follow the practice.

Organs come from executed prisoner. There is a claim that they remove the organs before executing the prisoners.

Organs also come from prisoners without execution sentence.

There was even a police chief (Wang Lijun) of the Jinzhou City, that received an award for organ transplant research. In his statement he admitted that several thousands of organs were taken from prisoners. There is a military doctor in the same city, Chen Rongshan, who alone did 568 successful kidney transplants for people from all over the world. In a phone conversation he admitted that some of the organs came from Falun Gong practitioners claiming that the court allowed to that.

In China there is a record low level or morality. A girl was hit and run but bypassers would not help, just looked and left her there. There is a class struggle in Chine. Chinese education dictates that you must treat you enemy as cruelly as the winter does. According to a research 82.6% of the youth Chinese would kill women and children during a war. There is an official policy by the party of dehumanization of the Falun Gong.

The issue is getting more attention with institutions from Italy to Canada calling for an end to the practice.

We the DAFOH request transparency and compliance with WHO standards. We need the West to push towards that.


Manyan Ng, President of the International Society for Human Rights and European Falun Gong Association

Falun Gong is a spiritual movement or a spiritual school. It is a long tradition in China. People today see it more as a pure health care practice. There are about 70-200 million practitioners. It is a physical exercise that promotes health. The goal is to become in total harmony with the world. To do that you need to become compassionate truthful and more forebearant.

In 1999 the movement became extremely popular raising concerns from the Communist leaders. The number of followers were more than the number of the party members. Most of the members of the party had no beliefs but were only members to get a ticket to success in political positions and the state own enterprises. About 250000 were arrested.

Christians, Tibetans and Falun Gong were the 3 groups to be targeted. That is because they are spiritual people. The party feared they cannot be controlled.

The Communist party are a group of terrorist who took power in 1921 with the help of the Soviet Union communist party. They call it a people’s democratic dictatorship.

History will not only judge what we do today but also we have not when we could.




Tune Kelam, MEP

There are issues of human dignity and human life. The Chinese regime has been built of millions of people’s lives.

I was happy to contribute to the EP Resolution last December on Organ Harvesting in China. China has not organized system of organ transplants while the number of transplants is disproportional.

It is a shame that China has become a member of the UN Human Rights Council along with other authoritarian regimes.

The claim that organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience will stop by 2015 is not acceptable. We have raised the issue and we have recommended that the EU shall condemn publically the practice. It’s our role to put more pressure on them. We have to raise the barriers with the EU citizens.

We have requested from China to cooperate with the UN Rapporteurs on this issue. The EP also has stressed the need to release all prisoners of conscience, including the Falun Gong practitioners.

The EU must introduce legislation that will not allow this practice.

The visit of the new Chinese Prime Minister at the end of the month is an opportunity for the HR to address the issue. It has to be a condition in order to resume normal trade conditions.

We need to address how to ban the entry of those who participated and how to prosecute them. The EU must form a committee of inquiry on the matter. We also must examine of European doctors have been participating. This is a shady economic activity. There is a need of political will.


Dr Will Huang, Chairman of TAICOT

There was a case of a 35 year old Taiwanese visited a Chines hospital. There the doctor admitted that the organs were taken from executed prisoner and that there are many organs available.

The donors are killed in a way that specifies the needs of the recipient.

In China death penalty can be immediately executed or with a 2 year suspension. This allows for time to harvest. The procedure is usually conducted in military hospitals.

There are reports of parts being sold to neighboring countries. There should be an investigation on the origin of the organs and also the origin of the recipients.


Dr. Alex Chen, International Liaison Officer TAICOT

Patients have been going to China to buy organs. After 2005 due to international pressure, the numbers dropped. The patients travel from Taiwan, Malaysia or Korea.

Israeli patients have been travelling to China to seek organs transplant. Most of the organs come from prisoners of conscience.

For 1 kidney 8 people will be killed because they need to cross match.

17 out of 24 local congresses have passed resolution to publically condemn the practice and request the prosecution of those implicated.

We hope all China doctors will keep their oath.


Theresa Chu, Lawyer from TAICOT

We try to make recommendations to the EU and also investigate the crime.

This is a huge business involving every level of the mechanism in China.

There are witnessed confessing to participating in enforced organ harvesting. Telephone conversations provide with information.

The EP Resolution was an important step. Taiwan legislative also passed a law. Need to criminalize organ trade and brokerage. After the EP Resolution Hong Kong legislator is planning to propose measures in mid-2014.

The Taipei Bar Association made a public statement against enforced organ harvesting in China.

International measures are necessary to stop organ trafficking.


Willy Fautre, Director of the Human Rights Without Frontiers

The publication by the 2 Canadian lawyers was the first independent investigation.

The Uyghurs have also been targeting.  Victims have been shot on the chest to make harvesting more successful.

There have been 3 Resolution, 2006, 2010 and the last in 2013. There have also been a numerous of Parliamentary questions on the topic.

There is enough evidence from various sources that this is actually happening. There can be no doubt anymore.

Many countries have adopted similar resolutions. Italy was the latest one. These request the release of the practitioners, provide information and prosecute the ones responsible.


Madi Shrama,

We need to work together to raise this issue and make sure Europe takes action to address this issue.

Mr. Malosse will also raise this issue next week during the visitors’ session.



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