Gender balance on company boards: Madi Sharma presents the EESC’s work

Apr 8 2013
On 7 March 2013, Ms Madi Sharma, EESC Employers' Group member, marked the International Women's Day 8 March 2013 by speaking on the topics: women's participation on company boards, female entrepreneurs, and social enterprises and valuing human capital. Ms Sharma is rapporteur on the opinions: "Gender balance on company boards", SOC/475, and "Creativity and entrepreneurship: mechanisms for climbing out of the crisis", INT/519.

She presented the Committee's work on these issues during two events, the first held by EWMD Frankfurt (European Women’s Management Development International Network), and the second, a seminar for the female employees of Accenture Austria, Germany and Switzerland. During the presentation, Madi Sharma touched on the role of women as leaders, emancipation, creativity and entrepreneurship, as well as Corporate Social Responsibility's (CSR) value to society.


In Ms Sharma's words: "for International Women’s Day I was invited to speak to the women about the economic imperative of including women in the economy - female entrepreneurship and women on Boards following the adoption of the opinions in the EESC. I shared the workings of the committee and the fact that we welcomed input from our civil society partners as an essential part of our work. I received a glowing testimonial:

“Madi fills a room immediately with her vibrant personality and positive attitude. She has inspired our female members to overcome obstacles that might limit career progression by applying determination and a positive ‘can do’ attitude. It was a pleasure to have Madi with us […] it is amazing to hear her reflections about her own personal development story. ” Ann-Kathrin Sauthoff-Bloch, EWMD Frankfurt, Germany (European Women’s Management Development International Network)"


You can read the full report here:


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