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Jan 6 2016

Gender Equality within the EU Decision Making Process

Madi Sharma President of EESC Committee on European Instruments for Human Rights and Democracy

MADI Group

ABSTRACT This article is about gender equality in the process of decision making at the EESC, which is an advisory body of the European Parliament. As the embodiment of civil society in Europe, the role of the EESC is to promote participatory democracy and the values upon which European integration is founded. But women are rarely members of EESC. In fact women represent 51% of society, if they do not have an equal representation - in effect the majority is being turned into the minority. If we accept that democracy is a mere concept and not reality, then we do not have gender balance in the decision-making process, which leads to policies being set by men for men. Gender equality is a fundamental right and a common value in the EU. The following is a unique compilation of views, articles and opinion expressed by Madi Sharma in her work as an entrepreneur, a member of the European Economic and Social Committee and a freelance journalist.
Keywords: EESC, women, men, gender equality, sustainable growth, democracy

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Nov 9 2015
GIT OPEN Confirmed the Need of Girls in Tech Macedonia

GIT OPEN Confirmed the Need of Girls in Tech Macedonia

Last Friday, November 6th, we had the pleasure of having our first official event – GIT OPEN, where we talked about our current activities and our future plans. At our positive surprise, we received much more guests than expected, which speaks by itself of the interest in our organization in Macedonia.

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May 6 2015

Recommendations to the EESC on Crowdfunding

I am not a crowdfunding expert, but I was invited to give my views to the European Economic and Social Committee, as an entrepreneur and an investor at the European Crowdfunding Network last year in Paris. It must have been impressive as I have been invited to speak now at CrowdNexus, which I am really looking forward to giving as I have been working on several of the issues that came up at the Paris conference.

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Apr 20 2015

Corte : Madi Sharma invitée par la fondation de l’université

Vendredi après-midi à la faculté de Corse, dans le cadre de ses « parcours Custruì », la fondation de l’université a accueilli Madi Sharma, entrepreneure reconnue et membre britannique du Conseil Economique et Social Européen. C’est en véritable business woman accomplie qu’elle a tenu une conférence en anglais, au sein de l’amphithéâtre Ettori, devant les élèves de licence économie et de licence pro entrepreneuriat. Organisé par la Fundazione di l’università, ce rendez-vous fut marqué par le « peps » viral de cette jeune femme d’affaires, qui a souhaité partager et transmettre son envie « d’entreprendre » au sens économique du terme.

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Apr 10 2015


Madi is also a member of The European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels. She is a public speaker internationally, particularly in the field of entrepreneurship, female entrepreneurship, diversity; gender balance and her passion for corporate social responsibility CSR. Her presentations, spoken from the heart, motivate and inspire and seek to make others consider their ability to affect change. It is now tagged #MadiEffect
“You must be the change you want to see” Ghandi - “No Excuses” Madi

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