Madi No Excuses!

Gandhi Said “You must be the Change YOU want to see. Madi says, “You must be the Change YOU want to see – NO EXCUSES!”

Madi Sharma Madi Sharma

Madi No Excuses!

I did it! I finally did it. I fulfilled one of my ambitions, and reached one of my milestones! After spending all the excuses of this world I finished the book - Madi No Excuses! It took me a while as I had to fight all my fears of writing a book since I am not a writer, nor an academic, but  I did it.

But, this is not just a book – This is a long term project and part of the continuation of my life’s ambition to turn seven billion ideas into action, including yours!



Now I need your help. I am self-publishing the book and in order to do it, we, me and Team Madi, have launched a crowd funding campaign.

You can join the crowd fund or register to buy a book on or direct on the crowd fund platform.


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There are No Excuses for not achieving your dreams !

Madi x

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