Madi Group

"MADI Group"

Make A Difference Ideas

Group of International Private and Social Enterprises and NGOs

Local Action – Global Impact

Madi Sharma is the Entrepreneur who founded, inspires and motivates the Madi Group, a group of International private sector&social enterprises, not for profit companies and NGOs.

The philosophy of the Group is to create innovative ideas tailored to local action which can achieve global impacts beneficial to a sustainable society.


 The Madi Group includes:

  • A business brokerage company I3I which links global corporate companies, business to business and Governments through Introductions, Intelligence and Innovation.
  • Madi Magnesium a successful consultancy which supports SMEs, Corporates, Public sector organisations, NGOs and Governments to overcome their challenges;
  • An import/export company, the ethnic trail… which actively supports mainly female entrepreneurs by identifying and     supplying to new markets;
  • the ethnic trail…tour company which provides ‘local’ holiday experiences for travellers seeking experiences where they can share knowledge and expertise, often within the travel and NGO environment.
  • MRS Business a resource & solutions company providing back office support to SMEs and small organisations.
  • The Group has a not for profit education arm Extraordinary Education which has created a unique enterprise model for schools and communities, where the students keep the profits and participate in a live global business. “Learning by Doing” the way real entrepreneurs do business – not with business plans! Profits made by the company support a child through education in India.
  • Madi also heads up WESTT Women’s Eco-nomic and Social Think Tank working on concrete solutions for issues facing the development and progress of women in international communities.
  • MADI Centres – Make A Difference Idea Centres are Madi’s commitment to support and lead change. The Centres operate on a  local basis as NGOs and are tailored to the needs of the community. In Macedonia the focus is survivors of domestic violence through female empowerment, in Croatia youth entrepreneurship, in Greece – youth employment & entrepreneurship, in India female empowerment working on issues of education, ending child labour and forced marriages, in UK female and youth entrepreneurship.
  • Global Entrepreneur Envoy is the Groups commitment to promote Entrepreneurship as a key tool for growth and sustainability.  It is a portal established as a social enterprise which is an International web-portal that unites and recognises entrepreneurialism in all its forms, across all boundaries, and in all its guises. A single global portal for entrepreneurs,   like-minded individuals and organisations that want to turn Ideas into Action, promote sustainability and celebrate success. The portal is dedicated to pages of global members, networks, databases, case studies, celebration, analysis, research and support for turning Ideas to Action - Together.

             “You must be the change you want to see” Gandhi 

 “You must be the change you want to see no excuses” Madi


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