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Nov 26 2014
Vital Voice Poland

Participation of Ms Madi Sharma as keynote Speaker at the Vital Voiced Conference in Poland

The Mentoring Program is organized by the “Women’s Voices Foundation” (“Fundacja Głosy Kobiet”) together with Vital Voices Poland, operating under the license of the Vital Voices Global Partnership based in Washington, D.C. The Program is financed through the courtesy of the US Embassy in Warsaw, drawing on US State Department grant funds, as well as thanks to funds obtained through the generosity of strategic partners: Altkom, KR Group and the Kronenberg Foundation operating within the structures of Citi Handlowy bank.


The main purpose of the Program is to support fledgling Polish women entrepreneurs, with a minimum of 2 years of experience in running their own business, through a mentorship process. The process fostered relationships between Program participants and pre-assigned female mentors – successful business owners, entrepreneurs and business leaders themselves.


Mentees took part in a series of practical training sessions and workshops in entrepreneurship, leadership and finance. They also had the chance to participate in meetings with business innovation specialists and alumni of previous Vital Voices Poland Programs.


During my presentation I pointed out that Europe remains in a situation of crisis but despite the challenges Poland has seen growth in several sectors, especially ICT.  Women entrepreneurs and an increase of women in the decision making process have played a key role in that growth. However we need more sustainable growth, more innovation and more employment opportunities. Hence we need to engage even more women. I highlighted the value of entrepreneurship to the economy and especially in the context of the EESC opinion of both female entrepreneurs and Women on Boards

Other participants which I met to discuss the role of the EESC included Dr. Daria Golebiowska-Tataj, Founder and CEO of Tataj Innovation and Jacek Santorski, pioneer of the psychology of business and psychology of health in Poland.  I additionally spent a full day mentoring a woman from the financial sector, and took time to mentor women from the education sectors and human resource. I was particularly impressed by the forward thinking of the young women on driving not only the economy but social change.  The value of corporate social responsibility did not have to be imposed on these women, they already knew it.



Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information


Thank you for this great opportunity to introduce the EESC’s work on Female entrepreneurship and innovation across Europe.



Madi  x


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