The Business Confederation of Macedonia

Jan 23 2014
The Business Confederation of Macedonia

Meeting of Madi Sharma with the Business Confederation of Macedonia, the Association of Business Women of Macedonia and Liljana Popovska Popolnet the Member of the Parliament for gender.

During a personal visit in Macedonia, I took time out to meet the Business Confederation of Macedonia to share with them the activities of the EESC both from the Employers Group perspective and that of the REX.


Promoting entrepreneurship in Macedonia is one of the goals of the Business Confederation of Macedonia. The Business Confederation focuses especially on women entrepreneurship as an integral part and as a branch that is yet to be upgraded. To encourage women to focus on the positive examples and thus to build and strengthen the capacities of women's leadership in Macedonia, is a vast field of work in which there is plenty of room for more active women entrepreneurs.


The Business Confederation of Macedonia presented the results of a survey about the business environment and conditions for doing business in Macedonia contained in the report-brochure "Business priorities for faster development". Thanks to the recommendations of the Association of Business Women special attention in the brochure was paid to fostering women entrepreneurship and also outlining the important factors when deciding to start a business such as initial capital, family support and a good business idea.  Following the discussions with the Business Confederation on their “FASTER GROWTH” Initiative, on returning to Brussels I spoke with the President of the Employers Group to find a ways in which our members may be able to help. In the near future we hope to facilitate a visit of the Macedonian Business Confederation.


Furthermore, during my visit I had time to meet with Liljana Popovska Popolnet Member of Parliament for gender, who was impressed by our work within the SOC social section on domestic violence and female entrepreneurship. She further asked me to speak in the Macedonian parliament on both issues, addressing also the mechanisms of microfinance. This has now be scheduled to take place on 17th February 2014.


Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information


Thank you for this great opportunity to introduce the EESC’s vision on female entrepreneurship.



Madi  x


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