Start-up Mixer Conference

Sep 18 2014
Start-up Mixer Conference

Participation of Ms Madi Sharma as keynote Speaker at the Start-up Mixer Conference of the Business Incubators of Entrepreneurship.

The Business Incubators for Entrepreneurship is an NGO that helps students to develop their business ideas. The concept of the Conference was to bring together start-ups, entrepreneurs and young and ambitious students from Warsaw so that they can exchange their business ideas, share their knowledge and build their start-up teams.

I was invited to the Conference after the Co-Founder of the NGO had the opportunity to hear my speech last year during Pro Futuro Europae Seminars in Warsaw.  My speech, reflecting the EESC work on entrepreneurship, EU instruments and social entrepreneurship served to inspire the Polish youth not only on the business matters but also on social issues.

I was honoured to speak to 300 aspiring and real entrepreneurs as part of Start-ups Go Global. The list of sponsors of the event for young entrepreneurs was truly impressive and demonstrated the potential that has been realised in the new generation of Polish entrepreneurs.

I spoke about entrepreneurship in the EU, how to develop a start-up and the INT 519 Report of EESC. I highlighted the different forms of entrepreneurship, especially social entrepreneurship. I promoted internationalisation and growth especially in terms of Poland's rapid growth in the fields of IT technologies. I further highlighted the value of TTIP towards growing SMEs in new markets, but also using EU centres like EBTC in India to showcase new technologies

I promoted the SOPOT and Katowice conferences as good support tools for working in partnership with all different business organisations to share experiences, knowledge and access to EU support.

I enjoyed lots of challenging questions after the presentation and have offered to find answers for several entrepreneurs. I was struck not only by the unique ideas but the real enthusiasm for business and entrepreneurship.

As a recommendation is that I would really like to see some of these young people at one of our YEES seminars or even invited to an employers group meeting so that they can learn more about how the EESC supports young entrepreneurs.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information

Thank you for this great opportunity to introduce the EESC’s vision on social entrepreneurship especially among the young people.

Madi  x


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