Seminar on Entrepreneurship

Jul 6 2012
Croatian Small Business Union (HUMPCROSBU) supported by Small and Medium Entrepreneurs’ Association (UMIS-SMEA)

I delivered a 2-days seminar on Entrepreneurship in Europe and other countries including my personal experience to 23 various participants (list attached) and our work in the EESC.

The participants included students, entrepreneurs, governmental officials, education institutions representatives, cooperatives and NGO’s.

There was a long discussion, with a key focus on motivating young people to entrepreneurship. Few of the students were very active in that discussion which followed to new initiatives towards working together in the future. It was evident that the mind-set of young people is advanced than the previous years of my seminars for them.

I also promoted the INT 519 report on Entrepreneurship as a mechanism to exit the crisis and the SOC 466 report on female entrepreneurship as both hold relevance for Croatia’s growth as they join the EU in July 2013. The participants expect Croatian policy makers to recognise them as well as entrepreneurship as the value for new jobs creation and economic growth.

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