New Generation for New Europe

Feb 6 2015
New Generation for New Europe

Moderation of session on entrepreneurship by Ms Madi Sharma
A New Generation for Europe spends 315 Billion Euro

If I gave you 315 billion EUR to spend on EU growth, how would you allocate it?

That was the challenge I gave to our young entrepreneurs and EESC members. Given the objectives of job creation, productivity, innovation and sustainable growth; identifying the priorities was the first hurdle our participants needed to overcome.

Unanimously, the most money was allocated to education, skills, training and developing people, with a strong focus on entrepreneurship education and growing the entrepreneurial spirit in Europe towards promoting employability skills. The second priority was to develop strong mechanisms to support businesses, especially SMEs through the growth stages: preparing companies to be investor ready; accessing relevant financial models for the variety of business sizes and sectors; managing sales, productivity and distribution increases; networking; internationalisation; family businesses and succession planning; plus embracing failure; were all high on the agenda of target areas for EU investment. Reassuringly, the young people would also invest in health, the environment, climate change and in ethical business practices.

Given the responsibility of allocating funding for EU growth, our young people were conservative and considerate with their decisions. My conclusion for sustainable and inclusive European growth would be to include more young people in policy development and identify more opportunities where the young people in business could join the Employer’s Group debates.



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