IV SME European Congress Katowice Female Entrepreneurship Panel

Sep 22 2014
IV SME European Congress Katowice Female Entrepreneurship Panel

Participation of Ms Madi Sharma as Speaker at the Entrepreneurship and Education for the Future Conference – Best practices across the EU

The Katowice SME conference is one of the largest of its kind in Europe and each year we see it growing from strength to strength, supported by leading European businesses and Polish Minister and official . It is a credit to the EESC former member Mr Donnick who works tirelessly for its success every year


Whilst my name was not on the official programme I was very proud to be a speaker for the European Economic and Social Committee at the IV European Conference in Katowice for the second time. I made a presentation following the awards to the Honorary Ambassadors of Polish Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors, of which I received the honour last year.


Other speakers were entrepreneurs from across Europe , and also the Polish Ambassador to Montenegro Her Excellency Grazyna Sikorska – all of us spoke from a personal perspective as a woman and an entrepreneurs and also in our organisation capacities.


I spoke on trade and the share of trade that women entrepreneurs were missing out on, and in that context the lack of jobs that were being created, adding to the high unemployment we now see across the EU. I shared the benefits of investing in our human capital and developing innovations, especially social innovation, and identifying the niches which women were good at, and which allowed them to grow good strong enterprises including social enterprises to address the current challenges.


I highlighted that women could not do this alone, and neither were they in competition to men in business but that we needed o work together to grow a sustainable economy. Highlighting the statistics and policy recommendations from the SOC opinion on female entrepreneurship , the message was clear that the EU needed to collect the relevant data and statistics.


During the Q &A I highlighted that failing to talk about the benefit of entrepreneurship , and failing to talk about profit or have real “learning by doing” models for entrepreneurship education was having a negative effect on the entrepreneurial spirit.


After the panel session we were invited to a special dinner meeting of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors, where both Anna Neityksha and I gave the commitments of the EESXC and especially the Employers Group towards the support of female entrepreneurship in the EU and in Poland.

Anna gave several press interviews and between us we were able to address the audience in both Polish and English to get our messages across well.


Celebrating success is becoming an excellent tradition in Poland, and such is the success of The Embassy of Women Entrepreneurs that it is now expanding across the EU.


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