Ghent University Debate : ENTREPRENEURSHIP – A WAY OF LIFE

Sep 25 2015
Ghent University Debate : ENTREPRENEURSHIP – A WAY OF LIFE

Subject: Debate on Entrepreneurship

Three entrepreneurs and two academics shared their views of Entrepreneurship with Business students at the University of Ghent. I represented not only my personal experience as an entrepreneur but my role in the EESC and our work on Entrepreneurship including ensuring that the definition of Entrepreneurship is applicable to all , in all walks of life as stated in the Committees opinions on the subject.

The debate was informal, with no speeches but interactive dialogue on the subject between the panel and with the audience of Students. The debate was hosted by publishers Intersentia and moderated by Professor Rudy Aernouldt, all Chef de Cabinet of President Malosse at the EESC.

The topics covered included

What is entrepreneurship? Can we measure it?  What is its importance?   What are the obstacles?

How can it be stimulated in economies?

The conclusions of EESC opinions ; ‘Entrepreneurship as a mechanism to exit to the Crisis’ ,  and ‘Female Entrepreneurship’ both served well in explaining that promotion of the concept in society was essential, and not the preconceptions that currently existed, especially in Europe.  Europe is  losing its place in the world of innovation due to the lack of promotion of entrepreneurship and the lack of stimulation of young Europeans to consider developing their ideas. Inclusion of all is also key to the success of an economy as statistics from the US show that migrants and female entrepreneurs are currently creating the greatest number of SMEs and of jobs.

With each entrepreneur giving their own stories and case studies, plus the interventions on how this related to current EU policy or specific member state policy gave the students an overall understanding that there is no standard model, nor definition of Entrepreneurship.

This was an excellent way to spend a Friday evening and I appreciated the opportunity to represent the EESC.

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