Entrepreneurship: Key for Growth and managing Crisis

Jun 6 2014
Entrepreneurship: Key for Growth and managing Crisis

Participation of Ms. Madi Sharma as the key note speaker at the Presentation organised by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the City of Zagreb

The event was organised by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the City of Zagreb and its subject was the EESC opinion on Entrepreneurship as an exit to the Crisis. However, the focus was on the value of social entrepreneurship to the fast changing economies , especially those coming out of crisis.

During the presentation I spoke about my role as an entrepreneur and EESC member   and how the two fitted together, plus this was a great opportunity to promote the work of our Croatian EESC members .


At the same time I promoted the EESC opinions on Entrepreneurship, on Female Entrepreneurship and the Social Entrepreneurship Project. Social Entrepreneurship is only just coming onto the Croatian agenda and the government is currently in the process of revising its policies for this valuable entrepreneurship mechanism, so my intervention was very timely.


I had several tv and radio interviews, including this one in Croatian http://www.womeninadria.com/madi-sharma-utjelovljenje-inspiracije/


In my speech I highlighted the strengths of Croatian people in the following areas: An active community  since they are people with ideas who want to support the growth of the City with Ideas; It is a country of visionary young people with energy, commitment and dedication; And last sustainability whose  full concept and impact are understood by the people.


As I pointed out, the strengths and the weakness can be turned into opportunities. This means development around sustainability, opportunities from promotion of Social Inclusion, social innovation, social integration and social entrepreneurship, development especially in tourism and culture, especially health and agriculture to support regional development particularly in the poorer regions of Croatia, and new initiatives for financing initiatives and business support. The Stakeholders  which need to be included are the  Public, the City, the County and national authorities; Private sector, large and small employers , including employee stakeholders such as trade unions, and  the Chambers of Commerce and Economy; Social and third sector.


I was also able to promote a booklet on female entrepreneurship in the Balkans which contains promotion of the EESC work on female entrepreneurship


I further proposed a conference on Social entrepreneurship for the region and will follow up with the EESC Croatian and Slovenian members, and the Social entrepreneurship project to see how we can make this happen. The Croatian Chamber of the Economy and Municipality has confirmed that they would be very interested in pursuing this especially in the near future under the new EU Commission and Parliament.  The conference could consider the following area: Stimulating Entrepreneurship in general; Developing social entrepreneurship; and Creating an Ecosystem to support Entrepreneurs.


Following the conference I conducted entrepreneurship education training where I met with City and County representatives, including the Chamber of Economy from the City of Karlovac. I explained the role of the EESC and shared our work. They emphasized that they would be very happy to work with our Croatian members and work regionally on promoting social entrepreneurship as it is a core value of their focus on sustainability.


Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information madi@madisharma.org.


Thank you for this great opportunity to introduce the EESC’s vision on social entrepreneurship and regional development..



Madi  x


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