Entrepreneurship and Education for the Future

Sep 19 2014
Entrepreneurship and Education for the Future

Participation of Ms Madi Sharma as keynote Speaker at the Entrepreneurship and Education for the Future Conference

The Entrepreneurship and Education for the Future is a new initiative of two foundations "Embassy for Women Entrepreneurship" and "Alpha Institute - Information Architects", in partnership with the “Wilanow District of Warsaw City” and the Directorate of “Museum of King Jan III's Palace at Wilanow”. It was a series of parallel events at the same place dedicated to promotion of the new culture of entrepreneurship in Poland. The goal was to change the public perception of entrepreneurs and better entrepreneurship education.


There were three panel sessions with the following titles: I. "The world of the future and the value system", II. "Entrepreneurship and personal social responsibility”, and III. "Globalisation and innovations - a chance for entrepreneurship’s development".


Other events accompanied the conference: The exhibition "Wilanow Gardens of Innovation" showcasing the latest science achievements consistent with the idea of the EXPO 2015 in Milan and "Feeding the planet. Energy for life", the workshop-seminars on innovation and entrepreneurship led by the "Leaders of Change".


I was invited to participate as a panellist speaker at the second panel session "Entrepreneurship and personal social responsibility". I was honoured to be invited to the conference as the only international participant to represent the EESC. The conference was in Polish without interpretation but I was invited over lunch to have one to one conversations with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, educators, ministers and government officials to share the European experience and be a sounding board for the things being considered for the future of female entrepreneurship, and indeed all entrepreneurship in Poland.


There was a strong focus on IT, with heavy investment financially and in training going into the sector as it is recognised that this sector will create the growth and jobs needed in the economy. I promoted the opportunities presented through the TTIP and also through attraction of investors and companies looking to relocate  due to the requirement of skilled labour – something which Poland is well known for.


After the event I was also invited to the "Gala Dinner - Entrepreneurship and Innovation". During Gala Dinner were presented the winners of the new competition "Entrepreneurship Innovators 2014" which were awarded as the outstanding persons with extraordinary achievements in three categories: new technology, social innovation and sustainable development. There were also nomination of 100 Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors 2014, who extended the Polish Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors up to 300 persons.


On behalf of the EESC , I addressed 400 women and men celebration Innovation, Technology, Media and Female Ambassadors for Entrepreneurship in Poland. I highlighted that women were still an untapped economic potential in the economy but Poland had now empowered its women to create successful businesses supported by the government and their male counterparts in businesses.


Awards were given to over 100 women including the former Prime ministers wife who is now an entrepreneur. The US Ambassador, newly in post, also attended the event.


Celebrating success is becoming an excellent tradition in Poland, and such is the success of The Embassy of Women Entrepreneurs that it is now expanding across the EU.


Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information madi@madisharma.org.


Thank you for this great opportunity to introduce the EESC’s work on entrepreneurship and innovation across Europe.



Madi  x


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