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Mar 22 2015
Digital University FSCD

Participation of Ms Madi Sharma as key note speaker at the event of the Foundation for Strategic Competence Development on Women and Digital Economy.

Following my presentation in Katowice/Women Ambassadors I was invited to the third Digital University meeting which is a two-day lecture and workshop sessions to speak as representative of the Employers Group of the EESC with an understanding of international opportunities which took place in Warsaw at Warsaw School of Economics.

I was invited to give a speech on the role of female entrepreneurs in the digital agenda and the role of technology and innovation on creating social entrepreneurs, particularly in relation to women and young people.

The event was organized by the Foundation for Strategic Competence Development. Our foundation was founded to promote the development of digital competence and study of the impact of new technologies on business strategies.

My presentation was to a large audience interested in the digital agenda from a range of background. I also produced a small video for children in schools.

I shared the opinion of “entrepreneurship as a mechanism to exit the crisis” in the context of the digital agenda, especially focussed on the opportunities in the entrepreneurship, business and globally economies.

Most of the other speakers were from large corporations so my presentation was endorsed by their presentations that there are many opportunities despite the fact that the employment market place is unknown and rapidly changing.

Other lectures included Leszek Maśniak, Gartner, Konrad Kobyłecki, IBM, Kinga Piecuch, SAP, Krzysztof Dąbrowski, mbank, , Colum Elliot, Blippar London and Kamila Staryga – Campus London/BigBets

Prior to the meeting and following the meeting I had several meetings with both business leaders and Ministries from the Polish Government on how our recommendations could be implemented into policy.  This proactive approach towards the development of young people, bringing the digital agenda more visibility in the workplace and the engagement of Government in such empowerment is a great case study as why growth can be seen in Poland, especially in the technology sector.

Thank you for the opportunity to present the EESC work on Women Entrepreneurship and Digital opportunities in Europe.

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