Chartering Into The Future: Euclid Network’s Annual Conference

Jan 23 2014
Chartering Into The Future: Euclid Network’s Annual Conference

Participation of Ms Madi Sharma as Panel Expert at Euclid Network’s Annual Conference with a topic Chartering Into The Future

Euclid Network is a growing community of civil society professionals who want to connect across borders for a stronger, more innovative and more sustainable European civil society. Chartering Into The Future participants worked together with experts and peers to develop ideas and solutions to five specific challenges, submitted to Euclid Network following an open-call. In the final session, the Harbour, Challenge Leaders presented their ideas and solutions to the Panel of Experts who provided their comments and feedback.


The five challenges were Rural regeneration: The missing links, Storytelling for change: How to captivate the crowds, Brain Drain: Achieving more with less, Better not just bigger: Success brings its own problems and The next generation: Getting young social entrepreneurs started.


During the discussions I was asked to assess the projects presented and provide feedback from the perspective of work we do in the EESC and from my own entrepreneurial successful experiences. All five challenges faced the same issues around the fact that the EU is based on a grant and funding culture, instead of a need to start with what resources you already have available. The EU is based on a business plan culture which makes you ask for more than you need and which is rarely a realistic proposal of how businesses really operate.


I emphasized that social entrepreneurship makes profit whilst doing social good, contrary to the misconception that it is social work and that it should therefore be funded by others.


Further I pointed out that most organisations do not value their human capital or do not indeed know what potential their staff holds, especially in terms of innovation, and this ultimately restricts the growth and development of the organisation. What enterprises should realize is that profit brings choices and human talent brings opportunities. Young people are the present, not the future, and they should be given maximum support to realise their ambitions. That could be social entrepreneurship, profit making entrepreneurship, employment or volunteering .


Other speakers included Karol Sachs, Director of Crédit Coopératif and former President of the Fédération Européenne des Banques Éthiques et Alternatives (FEBEA) and Catherine Trautmann, Member of the European Parliament and Vice-President of Communauté Urbaine de Strasbourg.


As a result of my frank and honest intervention I was asked to support many Balkan countries in the establishment and further support of entrepreneurial learning and mechanisms. I am now pursuing to further establish these connections for the EESC.


Euclid said “ The Panel of Experts was a crucial element of the conference as it was a concrete opportunity for social entrepreneurs working on the ground to present collective solutions to their every-day challenges. We fed the results into the “Social Entrepreneurs: Have your say!” conference the following day and will also be using the findings to shape our work in the next coming months”


I have already set up a meeting with Euclid to discuss a going local event also.


Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information


Thank you for this great opportunity to introduce the EESC’s vision on social entrepreneurship and youth employment.



Madi  x


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